My Love

It makes a lot of sense now, it never did before

The songs, the art and poems, the happy endings

It’s not work, it’s just lovely, it’s not heart wrenching, my heart only bursts

Because you look at me the way you do, or you do something so sweet as if it’s nothing

Who else has such kindness in their nature?

You are so lovely, it’s overwhelming

My mother always told me I was looking for Love, I guess I finally found it

Writers block

I’ve been trying to write, and I’ve been getting frustrated.  I’m happy, I have nothing to write about.  I need to write lyrics for a song, I hate everything that comes out of my head, I never realised how proud I am of my misery.  I re-read every sad thing from every horrendous and painful moment I have documented, nothing.  Everything I put on paper sounds generic and dull, who knew being blissfully content was so unproductive.

I went and got myself a boyfriend..

There are certain things that should just never be left unsaid; I like you, I love you, I want to call you my girlfriend, your breath smells bad, you’ve got cum on your face.  Not everything has to be expressed like a leaf falling from a tree in a Thomas Hardy classic, but it’s useful to get these pieces of information out into the physical world, they are more useful there than as musings in your head.


I am what the people call ‘trendy’

I am what the freaks call ‘chic’

I am why the ladies say ‘splendid’

All you want to do like I did


Now you tryna say that you’ll end me

why you wanna cause me this shit

don’t you wanna know me, well your friend did

she’s the one that told me bout this


get tipsy, get nasty, get dressy, get lippy

you trashy, not classy, those brows are not fleek

you’ll see me, you want me, don’t fight it, just drop it

I’ll drop you, and squash you, your bars are all weak


If you think you got the whole package

get your sealed delivered ass here

You say you wanna hit me, well your man did

Wonder if you’ll fuck me like him


Stop stressin’, i’m messin’, you’re thoughts are not pressin’

You bitchin, you wastin’ and whining to me

snap out and jump in, to reality bring, all your baggage to me

i’ll be down at the gym and just toss it or throw it chuck it

you’re stoic, you’re boring, you’re being the worst you can be


I am what the people call ‘trendy’

I am what the freaks call ‘chic’

I am why the ladies say ‘splendid’

All you want to do it like me


Sometimes I just want to grab you and kiss you

Would you have told me, do you want me to

Am I just obsessing and stressing while you don’t have a clue

My sofa’s not so big but when I’m sitting next to you

And my head’s not on your shoulder it feels so fucking huge

I’ll be looking at your picture and a smile creeps on my face

I’m not even scared you’ll hurt me, but I can’t say this to your face

Because my heart beats so much faster and my mouth just seems to stop

And the words that come so quick now, well my mind, it just gets blocked

So if you want me, come and show me, hold me slowly, kiss me quick

While I’m sitting here at work all I can think of is your


You’re my beautiful bitch, my pretty little lady

You treat me like your whore because you want me for life

You grab me by the throat to tell me that you love me

You wrap yourself around me, won’t let go all night

My pretty little lady, your tongue so sharp it’s crazy

you only let me scream when it is pressed inside my thigh

let’s keep this secret baby for the others think that maybe

the reason it feels good is that destruction feels so right