about a girl

I ain’t calling myself special

when i’m pointing out you’re not

You say you’re worth the trouble

but it turns out you’re worth squat

you’re preaching feminazi

while you terrorise the boys

for having tiny peckers

and playing with your toys

You better watch your step, my girl

you’re best foot sure aint forward

you be trippin’, why you lyin’

your embellished stories bore me

you’re spilling negativity

You hate and don’t let boys in

you brag bout being his side bitch

mouth laced up with poison

but what’s your aim, girl? What’s your goal

to make the world so angry 

go find a hobbie, get a job

don’t care that you can’t stand me

When you can’t take anymore

Find something beautiful in it, find you.  Breath in, breath out.  Feel it fill you up, feel the air rush in, feel your chest rise and eventually fall.  Feel the weight of your body, your hands, your arms, your legs.  Feel the strength of your back holding you up, holding you steady, feel your forehead relax and your jaw become loose and breath.  Breath into the knot in your chest, the swarms of butterflies in your anxious stomach, feel it fill you, feel your chest rise and fall, feel your body calm.  Breath in, down to your feet, breath out , all the way out of your head, breath long and breath deep, you can do this.  Feel the back of your neck, your shoulders sliding away from your body, sit straight or stand tall, feel your chest open and breath.  Scan down your body, to your waist, stomach and lower back, let your mind linger on every inch of skin, feel your mind prickle your skin.  Feel it in your legs, your knees and calves, your amazing ankles that hold you up, help you run, jump and drive.  Feel your feet, each of your toes, spread them across the earth and breath.



New Soul

Have you ever met someone and it’s like coming home, you can’t possibly have just met them because you know them before they’ve said a thing.  Nothing needs explaining, because we both know what’s meant.  Has someone shared music with you and it’s like they found your favourite songs for you, how did they know? Something speaks to your soul.  I wasn’t sure what a soul was, but I can feel it, it’s the deepest definition of who I am, it’s my core, my me-ness.  I never saw it until it was reflected in someone else, but now it’s there bright as day.