London Has Fallen

We are going on a date.  I brought my make up into work with me, I snuck off to the toilets about 5 minutes ago to do something to my face.  I stared at my reflection on completion of said something and wondered if it would make any difference, if she would know what I have done.  I put on far too much perfume this morning in the hope that some would last the day.  I have chewing gum in my car and i’m acutely aware of my bag and coat as the last 3 minutes of my working day tick by.  We are going to the cinema.  We’ve been to the cinema before but with the sting of our estrangement still on my skin everything has become intense and meaningful.  To be continued…


Author: documentoflife

I like to think about things more than necessary.

2 thoughts on “London Has Fallen”

  1. I’ve been where you are and so I offer no judgement. Just keep a close eye on your heart and make sure she’s truly willing to put in the effort and change before you let her too close again. It’s awful when you’re let down another time…or 5.

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